Beginner Yoga

The Yoga Experience

So if you are interested in giving yoga a try.

  1. It’s real, really hard
  2. You’re probably going to suck at it
  3. It’s freaking weird
  4. Sometimes it’s insanely boring
  5. No matter how long you stick at it, you’re always going to feel like a beginner.


You’ve seen all the picture of bendy girls on the internet, you’ve heard that Jennifer Anniston and Hugh Jackman sweat by it, you know it’s great for staying in shape, improving your athletic performance and rehabilitating from injuries, so what;s not to love? If you’re think of taking the big brave plunge (it takes guts!) here are our top five things that no one tells you that might be handy to keep in the front of your mind≥

P J Wells from the Elephant Journal has a completely realistic take on our initial perception of yoga.  The reason for this is that our mind and egocentric self wrestles at all cost, much like that of a wild animal, before quieting and calming down.  There is a great statue that depicts this quieting of the mind and represents a students struggle to find stillness.  It is that of a student sitting crossed legged up on the top of a bull that is standing still.  It is truly a challenge to become still and to keep quiet the wild bull inside which is the turmoil of the mind.  A great trick is to come up with an easy to use chant that is the go to place whenever you feel distracted.  It may be something as simple as ‘happy, happy, joy joy’ or it may be just one work that encompasses all of the sounds of creation such as Om.  Find something that works and stick with it, you will tame the wild animal of the mind soon enough.  As my teacher always told me its 1% effort 99% practice.

Hari Om Tat Sat – Go forth in peace!

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