Modern day society is facing an anti-depressant usage epidemic and it is only logical that we encourage suffers to some therapeutic bending, stretching and breathing, before they resort to a so called magical masking pill.

For many years I have been preaching to my clients, students and followers that Yoga is the answer to all of life’s problems, both physical and emotional. This is a belief that I firmly stand by due to my own experience as a yoga practitioner, teacher and the proof is in the science.


There are countless individuals whom live in pain both in the body and the heart every single day. The first step to treatment is incredible simply; release the stored emotions around the pain through discussions of the issue with a willing set of ears. I can proudly say that I have served this critical role for many people and am absolutely passionate about serving it for many more. I would go as far as saying that this facet of my role, as a teacher and mentor, is one of the most satisfying parts of my career. ,


This initial stage of healing is experienced as the suffering person moves from a state of ignorance and fear into that of acceptance and accountability. Once here, my next prescribed treatment for this “pain” is that of yoga therapy.


Having been a corrective exercise specialist in the personal training industry for over 10 years, I am yet to see a more effective (and enjoyable) treatment to injuries, aliments and pain, than that of a regular yoga practice.


There is a plethora of benefits yoga provides to participants.


Wikipedia agrees that “yoga can be used as alternative medicine “. They continue by illustrating that yoga aids in the treatment of specific mental health conditions such as:

-anxiety and depression

-attention deficit hyperactivity disorder



Furthermore it helps treat specific physical health conditions such as:

-back pain

-blood pressure



-menopause related symptoms

-pediatric conditions

-rheumatic disease

-sports related physical health.

So as you can see the list is endless. Yoga really is the solution to so many of the world’s ailments and the most exciting thing is that the practice is fun, interactive and incredibly beneficial.



The National Centre of Complimentary and Integrative Health




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