One in twelve Australian’s develop bowel cancer in their lifetime and the numbers are increasing.

Part of the issue is that the quality of our food is constantly disintegrating which in turn challenges our bodies to break down and eliminate foreign products such a GMO’s and hybridised foods.

The food that was available 50 years ago in its natural state and organic growth rate are now fast tracked to meet higher population demands and affordability. This in turn is having a negative impact on the quality of the final product that is sold to consumers.

Another burden with the increasing numbers of disease such as cancer is that of a sedentary lifestyle.

According to recent statistics, nearly 70% of Australian adults (i.e. almost 12 million adults) are either sedentary or have low levels of physical activity. Read full article here.

This is having a detrimental affect on our epidemiology results for the development of disease state, especially in the elderly for bowel cancer.

Doctors from web MB state “Exercise is essential for regular bowel movements“. In fact, the bowel is the organ that “loves” exercise the most.

Exercise helps bowel movement by decreasing the time it takes food to move through the large intestine, thus limiting the amount of water absorbed from the stool into the body. Hard, dry stools are harder to pass.

Cardio vascular training specifically accelerates your breathing and heart rate response, which helps to stimulate the natural contraction of intestinal muscles. Intestinal muscles that contract efficiently help move stools out quicker and more freely.

Nutritional intake is obviously a big component when it comes to determining ‘gut health’ and ‘bowel health’.

Bowel Cancer Australia share some general important facts to its viewers about food choice and bowel health:

  • Consumption of foods with dietary fiber can reduce bowel cancer
  • Consumption of goods containing calcium can protect against bowel cancer
  • Consumption of red meats and processed meats can contribute to the cause of bowel cancer
  • Body fatness and abdominal fatness can cause bowel cancer

Read more facts here.




Yoga is a modality of exercise that works on many levels to improve the body’s intracellular (inside the cells) health and fights against disease.

In the twisting postures, the internal organs and nerves get massaged, promoting secretion of enzymes & hormones associated with hunger & satiation. This means that the individual will less likely over- eat which leads to risk of be being overweight and storing fat around the abdomen.

Other results yoga gives in this vicinity of health include weight loss, maximum nutrient uptake & proper elimination of toxins. This will lead to reduce risk of disease such as that of bowel cancer.

Many scientific studies have found yoga to successfully reduce symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and improve the ‘normal function’ of the intestinal tract. Read full article here.




One of the main reasons it is so therapeutic is that it helps the sufferer to reduce stress caused from anxiety or pressure.  This ‘stress’ causes the digestive system to be ‘hypersensitive’ and dysfunctional.


It is a straightforward formula to maximise your protection against bowel cancer:

  • Eat whole, real foods that are organically grown
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do yoga
  • Live in a peaceful and happy environment.








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