Modern woman leading high stress lifestyles are ditching the medication for movement therapy and meditation with the launching of Australia’s pioneering ‘burn out’ management and prevention retreats.

This miraculous weekend retreat is nestled on top of the majestic mountains of Mullumbimbi, near Byron Bay, Australia and is the ideal location for the healing of thousands of exhausted woman from all over the world. Each component of the retreat program is carefully tailored towards the identification and treatment of ‘busy woman syndrome’.altitude 261 sunrise


Liquido lover Carra Bolard whom spreads her ‘Liquido active love’ on the Gold Coast Australia is collaborating with some of Down Unders’ hottest stress management experts and whole food nutritionists to implement a lifestyle intervention for ‘stressed out’ woman world wide.

In March 2016, she launched her ‘Living Empowered Weekend Retreats’. A group of exhausted entrepreneurial woman dove into the weekend event completely immersed in Carra and her team’s energetic teachings to enlighten the path from their current position of soldiering through every day, purely surviving, to fully ‘thriving through life.

Stress has emerged in recent years as the top cause of illness across the western world. The negative impacts resulting from stress is continuing to raise at least 10% every decade causing an increases in diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Internationally recognised author and entrepreneur Arianna Huffington of the Huffington post writes in one of her best sellers ‘Thrive’, “The western workplace culture is practically fuelled by stress, sleep deprivation and burnout.

“Woman in stressful jobs have a nearly 40% increase in heart disease, and a 60 % greater risk of diabetes”, Huffington says.

“Burnout is costing Germany alone up to 10 billion euros a year”, the global collective cost would be mind blowing!

Living Empowered Lifestyle Retreats include movement as stress therapy techniques and routines, ‘real’ food nutrition workshops, stress management tools and much more. ThFree yourselfe purpose is to develop and correctly implement lifestyle tools to build stress resilience in the body, for entrepreneurial woman to come along, let down their hair and learn about how they can take charge of their life again.

The highlight of the weekend is definitely the ‘mini Spirit Fest’, where a world leading sexuality expert leads the tribe exploring their innate goddess through dance and sound to the rhythm of Aboriginal and tribal song concert.

Carra disrupts the health and fitness industry with her declaration “No pain ALL GAIN’ because she believes that loosing weight and achieving health was never meant to be painful. It is her core belief that it is our DEVINE OBLIGATION to listen to our body for signs of what it needs in every given moment.

“Our intuition or our ‘gut feeling’ is always trying to navigate our life for us”, says Carra, “the issue is that most busy and stressed woman feel forced not to listen”.

Attendees are learning how to access their innate brilliance that they all have inside of them, they just need to find it.


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