Over 100,000 gypsies, carnies and rockers spent this year’s Splendour in the Grass (SITG) wearing their dream catchers, tie dye and glitter with this annual opportunity to creatively express their charismatic individuality.

SITG is Australia’s biggest festival but it offers so much more then loud music, disco dance and mood-shifting substances.

This years event offered a wide variety of not just music but also experiences such as yoga, chanting, craft and beauty plus shopping-enthusiasts had a broad selection of fashion, accessories and all sort s of fun gadgets to keep them entertained for the three day event which was held last weekend, just north of Byron Bay.

splendour dance


“Global Village” was the central area of Splendour which offered performances and activities which promoted a healthy lifestyle and encouraged excited gen Y’s to get ‘high on nature’ rather than abusing themselves with chemicals.

At the epicentre of this section we had the Global Village’s major sponsor ‘Liquido Active” who pride themselves in providing stylish eco-friendly leggings to all walks of life, including shape busters cutting up the dance floor at festivals.



Liquido offer a plethora of colourful and comfortable pattern leggings with matching garments to suit all tastes and styles.

They pride themselves with nursing cutting edge technology in their textiles and manufacturing which has them stand above the crowd of their competitors.

This Brazilian- based company are made of polyamide which is far superior to the traditional usage of polyester.

This butter-soft Latin American fabric has extensive sophistications championing the ‘active wear’ industry, which includes technologies such as:

• Biodegrading after exposure to methane in land fill
• Burns body fat after wearing for 7 hours
• Breathes (so no foul smells)
• Is SPF 50 +
• Washes all of the bacterial out in one wash (polyester can’t do this, in fact the bacteria colonise in the fabric and on your skin).

As was forecasted for the event, the bright, bold and brilliantly patterned leggings were the ‘MUST HAVE’ at this year’s splendour, which saw to hundreds of the garments flying out of the door every day!

Liquido covers all needs for a festival outfit as you can camp in them, dance in them and play in them while looking on point with style and delivering authentic self-expression.


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