Did you know that woman are now more prone to chronic illness than men due to the relentless pressure and stress which is bestowed on them?

One in four woman is now diagnosed with cancer, which is probably one of the most devastating consequences of dis-managed stress.

Many women suffer with sleepless nights either acutely or chronically but never think to put the blame on hormone disruption, which is also triggered from stress to the adrenal glands.

Fibromyalgia, infertility, early menopause, leaky gut, amenorrhea, IBS, endometriosis, thyroid dysfunction, depression and anxiety are also direct and eventual consequences of woman constantly adding fuel to the ‘fire’ of having ‘rushing woman’s syndrome’.

Who would have thought that by simply adjusting lifestyle and learning how to have healthy fun could literally eradicate  so many disorders and lead to a more satisfying, stimulating and superb quality of life?


The majestic Mount Warning on the upper Tweed coast of NSW sees to a retreat facility called Gymea, where busy woman can take their stressed and exhausted bodies and learn how to live a healthy and happy life.

Woman of all ages congregate from all over Australia learning about why stress is so debilitating and how they can make small tweaks to their daily habits in order to build ‘stress resilience’ and hence negate the negative affects of the pressure cooker of life.

The hosts to these highly experiential retreats are a  holistic woman’s health and wellness platform named Living Empowered Retreats (LER). They are well known for offering a diverse range of workshops and events which support women in “balancing the busy” of life.

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Founders of LER say that the most profound workshop the women undertake is that of  “the art of self love and self expression”. This phenomenal interactive workshop is provided by the host’s in-house ‘functional sexologist’.

This influential woman still sexy and saucy in her 60’s leads the tribe through a series of exercises to understand the importance of having a healthy connection with yourself and others.

Laughter is by far one of the most important natural medicines of life and the contagious cackles dance through the venue day and night when “mumma Trish is in the house”.leggings 5 bruna meditation pg _MG_0481

There is something so powerful about the ‘sisterhood’ of woman coming together to share stories and wisdom to help support each other as they move through the healing of their own stress from the physical and emotional pollution of present and past.

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