It seems for all of us ‘busy woman’, no matter how fast we move and how efficiently we tick boxes, the ‘to-do’ list never seems to get smaller!

There has to be some secret out there that some expert can share to help us to seek the satisfaction of being on top of the relentless tasks and demands placed on us as mothers, workers and wives.

In the mean time, here are some facts about what happens to the female body when we are constantly feeling busy and stretched plus some helpful hints of how we can support our bodies from the never ending demands placed on us.

The success of being able to attend to all what is required from us is our perception of the urgency we place around it.

If we feel that every task that we have on the horizon is a high priority and absolutely needs to be attended to right now, the only result is that of feeling anxious and stressed.

If however, we write a list of what is realistically the most urgent verses those, which we can push back a couple of days, our body automatically down-regulates the stress and therefor urgency which we originally put on everything.

Lets explore this idea a little  bit further.

When we feel over-whelmed with tasks or even life in general, our body leaches a steady flow of adrenaline into the blood stream giving us the following affects:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Dilated pupils
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increases in energy

All of these factors will help us to get the task or list completed quickly however, if the list of urgent priorities is extensive or even continuous, then we also get the affects of long- term negative affects of adrenaline release:

  • Blood is re-directed to the muscles and away from the organs such as the gut which causes digestive issues
  • Release of sugar into the blood which leaves the individual feeling restless and irritable
  • Increases in the likelihood of suffering from insomnia
  • Reduced ability to have a steady menstruating cycle and therefor fertility can be challenged

See here for more facts on adrenaline here .

It becomes clear that chronic exposure to adrenaline is not good for our health and state of mind. If we can put parameters in place, which protect us from the sabotaging affects of adrenaline, then the female body will be able to continue to have optimum function.

Here is some ideas of tools we can use to help protect us from adrenaline release:

  1. Write a task lis or ‘to-do’ list for the day. As soon as you put pen to paper you will automatically feel a sense of relief as you don’t have the worry about forgetting one of the important tasks.
  2. Prioritise the tasks and then decide if any can you potentially be pushed back to another day or perhaps delegated to someone else such as an assistant or a VA (virtual assistant).
  3. Once you can physically see how many tasks you have in front of you it becomes easier to recognise that your plate could potentially be full and therefor you can empower yourself to so NO to any more responsibility until you reduce the list.

These simply yet affective tools are so valuable to the busy woman and understanding the consequences of long term chronic exposure to stress and adrenaline keeps you on track with being realistic with your accepting of responsibilities.


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