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Our Vision


Living Empowered Lifestyle Design (LELD) is a Lifestyle coaching business that focuses on the integration of MIND (YOGA) BODY (GROUP TRAINING) and SOURCE (NUTRITION).  

Lifestyle creating comes about when we are present within our own experience in life.  Building the courage of finding the right skills is where the challenge usually starts for people and sadly it also often ends there.

BUT when we have access to programs such as the ones that we offer here at LELD we have the ability to move on a completely different pathway.  This is when we find inner strength and a vitality that drives us to take over the helm and steer our lives with awareness.

It is definitely a choice to move through life with a quiet and calm confidence, with a sense of knowing what you would like to come next.  It is some-what similar to pre-empting a story before you have turned the page.

This is what occurs when you design your life!

Let us support you and share our knowledge so that you may find steady footing towards the next steps in your own profound lifestyle design!

At LELD we are a friendly group of internationally recognised presenters. We love our work and we pride ourselves on providing an environment to help you create a bright and healthy future.

Our programmes at LELD are presented with love and the necessary support so that we provide you with the life skills to take on all the challenges that come your way!