Massage Services

1 Hour Massage

Choose from a variety of different techniques and have the massage in the luxury of your own home.
Our practitioners are fully qualified and have the necessary skills and knowledge to help you recover from and injury.
If you are after a relaxation massage please let our practitioners know and they will adjust the pressure to soothe away all the aches and pains.

Quick Fix

The “quick fix” is a 30 minute consult where the client has one part of the body treated, for example the shoulders.
The session involves an initial assessing where the issue or pain is coming from, then treating these areas with massage /stretching/ manipulation and finally prescribing homework for the client.
In essence it is this homework, which is imperative to fixing the issue in the long term, and therefore is extremely valuable.

Total Body Rejuvenation (TBR) MASSAGE

The TBR treatment involves the same process as the “quick fix”, however, there is more time allocated to treat multiple joints.
The treatments begins with a set of assessments to isolate the problem and to provide treatment and a series of exercises or release techniques designed by our resident Exercise Physiologist that ensure a solution to even the most stubborn of problems.